Vivid Interiors. Canning, Nova Scotia

About Me

Hello, my name is Steve Hatcher. I've been painting finer homes for about a decade, or so. Not all in one go, but over the past 25 years I've reverted back to interior painting for various periods, and across the country. From Nova Scotia to British Columbia, and now back to Nova Scotia again.

My "career" here in the Valley is as a farmer. In this year of pandemic 2021, after 5 years working on other farms, I've started my own small farm in Canning. With the help of my wife, we grow primarily mixed loose leaf lettuce and supply a number of farm market stores in the valley and in the city (Avery's, Sterling's, Foote's). We also grow other mixed veggies for a weekend farm stand in downtown Canning.

With this first full-time farming season winding down I need something to do over the winter, and something to earn needed capital for additional farm investments. Back to painting once again! Fourth time, I think, but who's counting?

My Painting Techniques

A nice brush and rolled paint finish in Wolfville, NS

I specialize in the highest quality hand painted finishes. All work is done by brush and roller. I don't enjoy spraying and a perfectly brushed or rolled finish looks far superior to a spray finish. In my opinion, a spray finish looks like fine sand paper with little gritty dots everywhere (yuk!). A roller leaves a more subtle and smoother orange peel like texture and subtle brush marks, when in-line with the orientation of trim pieces, mimics the grains of wood (nice!).

I have a sharp eye and steady hand; and lots of patience, to be able to cut extremely straight and sharp cuts with the brush. Masking tape does not cut it for a sharp line. Paint always bleeds under the tape. Masking tape is very useful to prevent splash and splater on certain surfaces, but rarely to make a sharp line between two colors of paint. A brushed line, done well, may not be perfectly straight but a very slight waver over the span of inches looks far better that the micro-jagged bleeding edges of a taped line.

My techniques cater primarily to repainting the interiors of finer homes. I've also worked with interior designers and decorators on up-scale commercial projects such as spa's and offices. I may take a little longer than other commercial style painters who are banging off large jobs, but my finish is at a much higher level than most those types of painting contractors.